KnowledgeStart is a high-impact workplace development company which, for the past eight years has specialized in Workplace Development Training for its U.S. and global clients. We are a leading provider of award-winning e-learning courses that maximize retention, increase collaboration, and improve competitive edge. Over the years we have excelled in enhancing organizational and individual productivity in topics such as Diversity and Inclusion, Cultural Effectiveness, Affirmative Action/EEO, Generational Distinctions, Harassment Prevention, Business Ethics, and Substance Abuse Prevention. Through our unique insight and experiences training today's leading companies and agencies, we are proud to deliver innovative approaches to employee training, compliance, and outcome measurement software.

Training & Cultural Assessments
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KnowledgeStart offers comprehensive assessment platforms to conduct organizational climate surveys as it applies to Diversity and Inclusion. The goals of our assessments can range from helping an organization gauge where they are at in their D&I Journey, to providing inclusive feedback prior to or following training, all the way to to linking and aligning a return on investment.


Our Organizational Climate Assessment Platform will provide a field-tested online foundation used by many of our e-learning clients who need a flexible and robust system to administer online assessments reliably and with ease.

Specific functions delivered within our platform include:
  • 100% browser based for the employee and the administrator
  • Multiple level assessment cataloging
  • User registration wizard for singular or multiple batch user input via online console and/or Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet import.
  • Ability for administrator assign assessments to individual employees or to a general job description
  • Security and permissions hierarchy to match your organizational infrastructure
  • Assessment launcher and scheduler
  • Administrative Digital Dashboard containing online reports with print and download functionalities
  • Accumulative repository of assessment data from assessment to assessment and/or year to year
  • Employee password recovery tool
  • Start and stop assessments for multiple sessions
  • Welcome message and instructions management function for each assessment
  • Assessment scheduling module to assign course completion dates to specific assessments, coupled with a reminder system for managers to keep updated on employee progress
  • Ability to integrate into the KnowledgeStart Diversity and Inclusion e-learning, to promote a natural segue to or from the current online training.

Administrative Digital Dashboard

For ease of use, our platform incorporates a Digital Dashboard which allows administrators and/or authorized managers to gain real-time access to assessment data. This highly-powerful and easy to use data center will:
  • collect employee responses at an individual level
  • organize and filter responses by question, region, department, and organization
  • provide real-time bar graph and/or pie graphs of aggregate data to allow administrators to summarize data and spot trends with ease
  • allow for anonymous data tracking for employee privacy

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