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How do you know that your diversity and inclusion initiatives are working?

One of the biggest challenges for an HR professional is to accurately assess the effectiveness of the Diversity and Inclusion initiatives within their organization. Ranging from limited feedback, inaccurate data, through to budgetary constraints, there can be many challenges in gathering and analyzing information necessary to make educated decisions regarding your strategy and training.

Our online portal will:

  • Help rate the Diversity and Inclusion awareness and skillsets within your organization
  • Uncover the unconscious bias, attitudes and beliefs of your participants that may either strengthen or undermine performance
  • Create organizational recommendations on how to create and inspire culture change
  • Provide participants with tips and techniques on how to be more inclusive in the areas they may need improvement

Focus groups led by a qualified technician, while a bit more laborious, are great if you want to gather data using personalized and one-on-one discussions. KnowledgeStart’s team has real-world experience which will work to gather data from senior leaders or specific cross sections of people who have been assembled based on their various roles within the organization.

Once the information is gathered and assessed, KnowledgeStart can also consult with you to form customized:

  • Executive Summaries
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Training Curriculums
  • Follow Up Assessments