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Executive Briefings

We find that Executive Briefings are a great way to present assessment data to your senior team while simultaneously getting the top-down “buy in” necessary for a successful strategy.

It is recommended that a qualified person who has experience executing a successful Diversity and Inclusion strategy present the data along with sound recommendations for future training and deployment. Yes, correlations in data can be extracted by anyone. But, a qualified person can link and align the data to proven strategies that take the guess work out of what can and will work in a successful campaign.

Additionally, we find that an external consultant in this area often yields less push back than an internal team member when working with professionals at the executive level of their career.

D&I Partner on Demand

Whether you are a novice or seasoned D&I practitioner, our D&I Partner on Demand ™ program will be very helpful to you.

As a novice, you can learn how to set yourself up for success by leveraging what our leading practitioners can share with you.

If you are a seasoned D&I practitioner, from time to time you may need a thinking partner, helping hand, or resource to complete your priorities successfully.

Our partners bring more than 35 years of expertise in the fields of Organizational Development, Human Resources and Diversity and Inclusion.


A pre-paid retainer is purchased using one of our discounted pricing plans below. When you need help, simply call, email or Skype your partner to discuss, brainstorm or receive planned or “just-in-time” solutions. Time for consultation will be subtracted in one-hour increments for headache-free billing. As an active partner, we will listen and learn about your priorities, help you design and deploy strategy, training, and measure outcomes with one goal in mind -YOUR SUCCESS!

The following D&I Partner on Demand options are available

Option 1 - 10 HOURS $1,000 USD Lasts up to 1 year
Option 2 - 20 HOURS $1,700 USD Lasts up to 2 years
Option 3 - 30 HOURS $2,400 USD Lasts up to 3 years

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are my partners?

View Our Key Personnel

How will my partner add value to my success?

Your partner’s primary goal is to make you shine and assist you with the support you need, when you need it. They will be there for you to brainstorm, discuss, review and share their experiences that can add value to your ability to implement successful D&I strategy and a tactical plan. Your partner can help behind the scenes or visible alongside of you – whichever works best for your goals and culture.

What services can my partner perform?

Our consultants can meet you at any point in your D&I journey/process. Below are the typical areas of focus.

  1. Listen & Discover
    • Diversity & Inclusion assessment
    • Diversity and Inclusion data
    • Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarking
    • Best practices
  2. Think and Design
    • Diversity & Inclusion Strategy
    • Tailored Business case
    • Diversity Council Facilitation
    • D & I score card
    • D & I Dashboard
    • D&I communications and briefings
  3. Solve & Deliver
    • Facilitation
    • D&I leadership development programs
    • Talent management practices review to reduce bias and embed diversity
    • Leadership Coaching
    • Group coaching for high-potential women and minorities
    • D&I Council
    • Employee Resource Groups
    • D&I internal website and timely communications/briefings
    • External relationships with customers and suppliers
  4. Measure Outcomes and Refine
    • Comparative internal data
    • Comparative external data
    • Report progress
    • Refine strategy, plans and tactics

How do I reach my partner?

Your partner is available to you virtually and in person at any time you need collaboration. You can reach them by phone, text, chat box, Skype, and in person. Partners are always available to you as needed!