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4 Hours (recommended)


Diversity is more than recognizing differences between race and gender. Diversity represents a tremendous source of strength if we learn how to use our differences to our advantage. By tying diversity to our business strategy, we will inevitably increase performance, productivity and customer satisfaction.

But there is a difference between "valuing diversity" and having the appropriate skills to know how to work effectively in a group of diverse people. We need to not only acknowledge people's differences, we must practice inclusion, and draw on other's cultures, talents, and ideas to create a fairer and more productive workplace for us all.

This requires an ongoing commitment and support from employees and leaders at all levels.

Building Inclusive leaders has been designed to help leaders:

  • Describe and discuss key diversity and inclusion terms and concepts.
  • Identify the impact of unconscious bias, and how attitudes and behaviors enhance or distract from meeting business objectives.
  • Create competitive advantages for ourselves by leveraging the diversity of our teams and developing an environment of trust, respect, and inclusion.
  • Practice the leadership skills and key competencies which support an inclusive and engaged workplace.
  • Recognize the leaders’ role in leveraging diversity and inclusion, and the key competencies required for leading a diverse team.