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45 Minutes or 2 Hours


Bullying, teasing, and harassment (both sexual and non-sexual) can have devastating effects on your workplace and employees, not to mention your organization's bottom line. This eLearning course is designed to teach your employees and managers what constitutes harassment in the workplace, the laws that are in place to protect the victims, the appropriate steps to take if you or someone you know is being harassed, and tips for preventing harassment from occurring. This course is suitable for both employees and managers.

  • Identify disrespectful behavior, both obvious and less obvious
  • Harness our company’s values to improve relationships with the people you work with and serve
  • Learn a process for interrupting disrespectful behavior so that we can prevent it from leaking out into our workplace
  • Know what to do if you or someone you work with witnesses disrespectful behavior
  • This course satisfies the compliance requirements for California, Connecticut, Maine, New York and other states